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Sikkim RTO Codes

sikkims rto codes

Navigating Through Sikkim’s RTO Codes: A Guide to Efficient Vehicle Management

In the serene Himalayan state of Sikkim, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) system plays a pivotal role in vehicle registration, traffic regulation, and ensuring road safety. The unique RTO codes designated to each office in Sikkim are instrumental in identifying the jurisdiction for vehicle registration, making the process streamlined and efficient. This organized approach not only aids in vehicle management but is also crucial for law enforcement and facilitating administrative services.

Sikkim’s RTO System: A Pillar of Road Safety and Efficiency

The Sikkim RTO system, distinguished by specific codes for each office, is the foundation of the state’s transport and vehicle management infrastructure. These codes are vital for several functions, including vehicle registration, license issuance, traffic law enforcement, and providing a host of administrative services.

Enhancing Your Driving Experience with the Sikkim Driving Licence PVC Card

In addition to understanding the RTO codes for efficient vehicle management, there’s an exciting development for drivers in Sikkim—the introduction of the Sikkim Driving Licence PVC Card. This durable and convenient PVC card is a significant upgrade from traditional paper licenses, offering enhanced durability and longevity.

Residents of Sikkim looking to upgrade their driving license to the new PVC format can do so easily by visiting Sikkim Driving Licence PVC Card. This move not only modernizes your wallet but also aligns with the state’s commitment to leveraging technology for better service delivery.

List of Sikkim RTO Codes

Below is the comprehensive list of RTO offices across Sikkim along with their corresponding codes, guiding you to the correct office for all your vehicle-related services:

  • Gangtok (SK-01): The main hub for vehicle registration and licensing in Sikkim’s capital.
  • Gyalshing (SK-02): Overseeing vehicle administration for the western parts of Sikkim.
  • Mangan (SK-03): Catering to the northern regions with dedicated vehicular compliance services.
  • Jorethang (SK-04), Namchi (SK-05), Soreng (SK-06), Pakyong (SK-07), and Singtam (SK-08): Each serving their respective areas, ensuring that Sikkim’s roads are safe and vehicles are properly registered and managed.

Accessing RTO Services in Sikkim

For vehicle registration, license renewal, and other RTO services, residents can visit the office as per their region’s RTO code. Many services are also available online, providing a convenient way to access essential vehicle services from the comfort of your home.


The Sikkim RTO code system exemplifies the state’s organized approach to vehicular administration and road safety. With the introduction of the Sikkim Driving Licence PVC Card, the state takes a step further in enhancing the driving experience for its residents, combining technological advancement with efficient service delivery. Whether you’re registering a new vehicle or upgrading your driving license, Sikkim’s RTO system ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, contributing to the safety and efficiency of the state’s roadways.

Sikkim RTO Codes
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List of Sikkim RTO Codes

RTO Office RTO Code
Gangtok SK-01
Gyalshing SK-02
Mangan SK-03
Jorethang SK-04
Namchi SK-05
Soreng SK-06
Pakyong SK-07
Singtam SK-08
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