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Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes

arunachal pradesh rto codes

Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes

RTO codes in Arunachal Pradesh are unique identifiers assigned to different districts within the state, facilitating efficient vehicle registration and management. These codes not only help in identifying the origin of a vehicle but also streamline the process of enforcing traffic laws and regulations. The RTO Arunachal Pradesh code system is designed to cater to the administrative needs of vehicle owners, making it easier for them to access various services such as vehicle registration, license issuance, and compliance checks.

Full List of Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes
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Complete RTO Code List for Arunachal Pradesh

District RTO Code
Itanagar AR01
Itanagar AR02
Tawang AR03
Bomdila AR04
Seppa AR05
Ziro AR06
Daporijo AR07
Along AR08
Pasighat AR09
Anini AR10
Lohit AR11
Changlang AR12
Khonsa AR13
Yingkiong AR14
Kurung Kumey AR15
Roing AR16

How the RTO Code System Works

Each RTO code in Arunachal Pradesh starts with the letters “AR”, signifying Arunachal Pradesh, followed by a two-digit number representing the specific RTO office within the state. For instance, AR01 is the code for the RTO in Itanagar, the state capital. This system ensures that every vehicle registered in Arunachal Pradesh can be easily traced back to its respective district and RTO office.

Accessing RTO Services in Arunachal Pradesh

To access RTO services in Arunachal Pradesh, vehicle owners can visit the nearest RTO office corresponding to their district’s code. Many services, such as vehicle registration, license application, and renewal processes, are also available online through AR Transport Department website ( or the centralized e-services portal provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

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