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RTO Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh, with its expansive road network and over 15 million registered vehicles, emphasizes robust vehicular management and regulation through its Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). These offices play a pivotal role in the implementation and enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act, ensuring safety and regulation across the state. Whether it’s vehicle registration, license issuance, or road tax collection, RTO Madhya Pradesh is committed to maintaining order and safety on the roads.

Vital Functions of RTO Madhya Pradesh

RTO Madhya Pradesh is tasked with several critical functions under the jurisdiction of the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department:

  • Vehicle Registration: Assigning unique registration numbers and issuing legal permits for vehicles.
  • License Issuance: Conducting driving tests and issuing licenses to qualified drivers, categorized by vehicle type and driving proficiency.
  • Tax Collection: Collecting road taxes that contribute to the development and maintenance of road infrastructure.
  • Vehicle Inspection: Ensuring roadworthiness through periodic inspections and issuing fitness certificates.
  • Ownership Transfers: Facilitating smooth transfer of vehicle ownership within the state.
  • Permit Issuance: Providing various permits for commercial vehicle operations within Madhya Pradesh.
  • Traffic Regulation Enforcement: Playing a crucial role in enforcing traffic laws to enhance road safety and reduce accident rates.
  • Pollution Control: Implementing emission norms and conducting regular pollution checks.
  • Road Safety Campaigns: Promoting road safety awareness through various initiatives.

Upgrade Your License with Madhya Pradesh Driving Licence PVC Card

In line with modernizing and streamlining RTO services, Madhya Pradesh now offers the Madhya Pradesh Driving Licence PVC Card. This durable, tamper-proof card enhances the security and longevity of your driving license, making it a must-have for all drivers in the state. Ensure your driving credentials are always up-to-date and easily accessible with this sturdy PVC card.

MP RTO Code List

Madhya Pradesh RTO Codes
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Madhya Pradesh RTO Codes

RTO Offices RTO Codes
State Governor’s Vehicle MP-01
MP Government Vehicles MP-02
MP Police Vehicles MP-03
Bhopal MP-04
Hoshangabad MP-05
Morena MP-06
Gwalior MP-07
Guna MP-08
Indore MP-09
Khargone MP-10
Dhar MP-11
Khandwa MP-12
Ujjain MP-13
Mandsaur MP-14
Sagar MP-15
Chhatarpur MP-16
Rewa MP-17
Shahdol MP-18
Satna MP-19
Jabalpur MP-20
Raipur (not in use) MP-23

Vehicle Registration Process at Madhya Pradesh RTO

Registering your vehicle in Madhya Pradesh involves a series of steps to ensure compliance with safety and legal standards:

  1. Document Submission: Visit your local RTO with all necessary documents and completed Form 20.
  2. Vehicle Inspection: The vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection to check compliance with safety and emission standards.
  3. Fee Payment: Pay the required registration fees, road tax, and other charges based on your vehicle’s type and age.
  4. Registration Completion: Upon successful document verification and vehicle inspection, the RTO issues the Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC).

For a detailed understanding of the registration process, required documents, and applicable charges, visit the official MP Transport Department website at Madhya Pradesh RTO.


RTO Madhya Pradesh is integral to maintaining vehicular discipline and road safety in the state. With comprehensive services ranging from vehicle registration to the issuance of the modern Madhya Pradesh Driving Licence PVC Card, the RTO ensures that all vehicular activities are conducted smoothly and in accordance with the law.

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