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RTO Gujarat

rto gujarat

In Gujarat, a state with a burgeoning vehicle population, the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) play a crucial role in the transport and motor vehicles sector. With 38 RTOs across the state, these offices ensure the implementation and enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act, enhancing road safety and facilitating efficient vehicle management. Each RTO in Gujarat is committed to maintaining a comprehensive database of all registered vehicles, which helps in effective governance and adherence to transport regulations.

Role and Functions of RTO Gujarat

RTOs in Gujarat are instrumental in a wide array of services:

  • Vehicle Registration: Managing the registration of new vehicles and maintaining records.
  • License Issuance: Conducting tests and issuing driving licenses to eligible candidates.
  • Pollution Control: Performing pollution inspections and issuing fitness certificates to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Tax Collection: Levying road taxes that contribute to state transport infrastructure.

Comprehensive List of RTO Gujarat with Codes

To streamline the management of vehicles, each city in Gujarat has an RTO equipped with a unique code:

Gujarat RTO Codes
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List of Gujarat RTOs

City RTO Code
RTO Ahmedabad GJ01
RTO Mehsana GJ02
RTO Rajkot GJ03
RTO Bhavnagar GJ04
RTO Surat GJ05
RTO Vadodara GJ06
RTO Nadiad GJ07
RTO Palanpur GJ08
RTO Himatnagar GJ09
RTO Jamnagar GJ10
RTO Junagadh GJ11
RTO Kutch-Bhuj GJ12
RTO Surendra Nagar GJ13
RTO Amreli GJ14
RTO Valsad GJ15
RTO Bharuch GJ16
RTO Godhra GJ17
RTO G’nagar GJ18
RTO Bardoli GJ19
RTO Dahod GJ20
RTO Navsari GJ21
RTO Rajpipla GJ22
RTO Anand GJ23
RTO Patan GJ24
RTO Porbandar GJ25
RTO Vyara GJ26
RTO Ahmedabad East GJ27
RTO Aahwa GJ30
RTO Arvalli GJ31
RTO Veraval GJ32
RTO Botad GJ33
RTO Chhota Udepur GJ34
RTO Lunawada GJ35
RTO Morbi GJ36
RTO Khambhaliya GJ37
RTO Bavla GJ38

Upgrading Your Driving Experience with Gujarat Driving Licence PVC Card

In an effort to modernize and secure driver’s documentation, Gujarat now offers a PVC Driving Licence Card. This durable and tamper-proof card ensures that your driving license withstands wear and tear while being easy to carry. For those looking to upgrade, you can find more information and order your own Gujarat Driving Licence PVC Card here.

Vehicle Registration Process in Gujarat

Registering a vehicle in Gujarat involves several steps that ensure all vehicles meet the required legal and safety standards:

  1. Form Submission: Complete and submit Form 20 to the RTO.
  2. Document Submission: Provide necessary documents and pay the applicable fees.
  3. Vehicle Inspection: Undergo a vehicle inspection for compliance with safety and emission norms.
  4. Registration Completion: Receive registration details via SMS or email upon successful inspection and documentation.

Getting a Driving License in Gujarat

The process for obtaining a driving license in Gujarat is streamlined through digital and physical procedures:

  1. Online Application: Visit the Parivahan Sewa website and navigate to DL Services to begin your application.
  2. Document Upload and Fee Payment: Upload required documents and pay the fees online.
  3. Test Scheduling: Schedule your driving test.
  4. Driving Test: Complete the driving test at your RTO to receive your license.

FAQs for Quick Assistance

  • VIP Number Application: Learn how to apply for VIP numbers in Gujarat.
  • RTO Challan Charges: Information on the current challan rates for traffic violations.
  • HSRP Plates: Instructions on how to apply for high-security registration plates in Gujarat.


RTO Gujarat is pivotal in managing the state’s vehicle population and ensuring compliance with traffic laws. With services ranging from vehicle registration to the issuance of driving licenses, and the introduction of the PVC Driving Licence Card, Gujarat’s RTOs enhance the efficiency and safety of the state’s transport system.

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