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RTO Bihar

RTO bihar

Bihar, with a population of over 12 crores and more than 8.5 million vehicles registered under the regional transport authority, showcases a robust transportation system managed by RTO Bihar. The state’s transport department operates through 39 RTOs spread across Bihar, ensuring compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act and maintaining safety and regulation on the roads.

Role and Responsibilities of RTO Bihar

The primary role of RTO Bihar is to enforce the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 across the state. The functions of these offices include:

  • Issuing driving licenses and vehicle permits: RTO Bihar is responsible for testing drivers and issuing various types of licenses.
  • Vehicle Registration: Both temporary and permanent vehicle registrations are handled efficiently to ensure all vehicles are legally authorized for use.
  • Pollution Control: Conducting pollution checks and ensuring vehicles meet environmental standards.
  • Tax Collection: One of the critical roles is the collection of road and vehicle taxes, which fund the development and maintenance of road infrastructure.
  • Road Safety Enforcement: Implementing road safety measures and ensuring that all vehicles comply with traffic regulations.
Bihar RTO Code List
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List of Bihar RTO Codes

District/Location RTO Code of Bihar

Upgrading to Bihar Driving Licence PVC Card (New Format)

For a more durable and secure driving license, RTO Bihar now offers the Bihar Driving Licence PVC Card in a new format. This modern PVC card enhances the physical quality of the driving licenses, making them more resistant to wear and tear and providing a tamper-proof solution.

Vehicle Registration Process in RTO Bihar

Temporary Registration: Initially provided by the dealer, this allows the vehicle to be used immediately after purchase and is valid for a short period.

Permanent Registration: To be obtained within the specified time after purchase, providing long-term authorization for the vehicle. This can be done through Bihar’s official transport website.

Documents Required:

  • Form 20, 21, and 22A
  • If financed, Form 28 or NOC from the financer
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Form 34 if under loan
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Temporary registration certificate, if applicable
  • Custom Clearance Certificate for imported vehicles

Bihar RTO Fees and Charges

The RTO in Bihar charges nominal fees for various services, including:

  • New Registration: Ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 800, depending on the vehicle type.
  • Renewal of Registration: Rs. 360 for two-wheelers and Rs. 500 for four-wheelers.
  • Driver’s License: From Rs. 150 to Rs. 500, based on the type of license.

Applying for a Driver’s License Online in Bihar

Bihar RTO has streamlined the process for applying for a driving license online:

  1. Visit the Parivahan website and navigate to the ‘Driving License Related Services’ under Bihar state.
  2. Apply online, upload required documents, and pay the applicable fees.
  3. Schedule a visit to the nearest RTO for document verification and a driving test.
  4. Upon passing the test, the driving license will be issued within 3 – 4 weeks.

FAQs about RTO Bihar

  • Nationwide Validity: Yes, Bihar’s driver’s license is valid across India.
  • Vehicle Details: Check online via the Bihar transport department’s website or use apps like mParivahan.
  • Driving Test Requirement: Yes, a driving test is mandatory to obtain a DL in Bihar.
  • RTO Helpline: Contact the Transport Commissioner’s office in Patna for any queries.


RTO Bihar plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and regulation of vehicular traffic in the state. With services ranging from issuing licenses to enforcing road safety, RTO Bihar enhances the driving experience while ensuring compliance with laws. Upgrading to the new Bihar Driving Licence PVC Card ensures that your driving credentials are both secure and durable, aligning with modern standards.

For more detailed information on specific services and updates, visiting the official Bihar transport website or contacting the local RTO directly is recommended.

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